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Russell Hemmings - Life coach , Author & Hypnotherapist

Dubai based life coach, author and hypnotherapist Russell Hemmings is world-renowned and has featured widely in the global media, particularly for his unique ground-breaking weight loss systems and his work with children & teens.

As resident expert at Friday Magazine, his weekly advice column is eagerly anticipated by thousands. He is the ‘go to’ expert when it comes to personal transformation and has helped countless change-seekers achieve their goals. How would you like to take control of your life again and live without the shadow of stress? How about resolving the issues you have been living with such as lack of confidence, over-eating, smoking or phobias? Maybe you are you concerned your child isn’t performing to their best ability or is addicted to online gaming? 

Russell has have been providing dedicated help, guidance and support to clients in Dubai and the UK for 20 years and takes great personal pride in the safe, professional and confidential environment he provides for his clients. The Russell Hemmings experience is primarily available in Dubai and the UK, however his Connect+ provides one-to-one sessions across the internet. Russell recognises you may have questions and his friendly people are always happy to speak with you, there is also our FAQ section – please call or make contact online and we will do our very best to help.

Please don’t suffer in silence, get in touch and start your journey to lasting change. 

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